Pisces-Virgo: Finishing The Age Of Non secular Redemption (Portion 2)

In this article we examine why Pisces is much too the signal of self-sacrifice, and what this Quite indicates inside of words of our non secular excursion. As the previous of the 12 Zodiac indications, and 12 developmental levels inside of human awareness, Pisces is the greatest not known of all, and the utmost unattainable for us in direction of have an understanding of versus our recent country of recognition.
With our minds as ‘fogged’ as they are via ignorance, delusion and illusion, it is minimal question that our present-day principle of self-sacrifice is alone a misunderstanding. Self-sacrifice does not suggest we are possibly a ‘target’ or ‘martyr’ who is made up of in the direction of constantly forget our personalized requirements towards defer in the direction of the whims of many others. This is a wrong comprehension as a result regular of this Piscean Age.
Toward deepen our being familiar with we need to have in direction of retain the services of the discernment of Pisces’ contrary indicator Virgo* in direction of carry buy toward the confusion and chaos of Pisces. Virgo discernment would incorporate us examine: what is Self-sacrifice? Is our knowing suitable?
If we appear deeply inside of exploration we find that the phrase sacrifice will come versus ‘sacrify’ – toward deliver sacred. What does it imply in the direction of produce one thing sacred? It suggests in direction of spiritualize just about anything: convey Spirit, Divinity, or God into it. In direction of allow for that which is holy (or full) towards prevail. The real direction of self- sacrifice, which is the high vibration of Pisces, suggests acceptance of our sacred self: our ‘High Self’ or Soul. Toward extremely occur toward recognize this fact for ourselves, we require in di

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