Eazzychama allows you to register all your Investment Group members, from where they can access all their records online.

There are two ways of adding members on Eazzychama:

  • Manually, where members are added systematically one by one.
  • Importing a member list e.g. from an excel sheet.
  1. Manual method:

To add members manually, follow the link here

Fig 1: Adding Members

2. Import member method:

  • On the add members page above, click on actions and select import members options.
Fig 2: Import Members

This takes you to another page where you can download a sample excel sheet.

Fig 3:Downloading Sample Excel File

Click on choose file and locate your excel file from your device.

Fig 4: Import Members

Click on IMPORT MEMBERS to update the member list.

You have successfully imported a member list.


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