Deleting a member

Eazzychama enables you to delete a member from the group.

This is useful in the case of a member exiting the group or there is a duplicate member you want to remove from the group.

Upon deleting a member, their profile and every transaction they made is removed from the group.

To delete a member;

  1. Navigate to the members list i.e. go to Members>Member Management>List Members
Fig 1: List Members
Fig 1: List Members

Scroll to the specific member you want to delete and click on DELETE MEMBER.

A warning message appears informing you that the action is irreversible. Please make sure that you are certain about deleting that specific member because once the member is deleted there is no way of going back.

Fig 2: Delete Member
Fig 2: Delete Member

Click on OK to delete the member.

You have successfully deleted a member.


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